Experience of use Clean Forte

"I have long dreamed of visiting Southeast Asian countries. Not only do I travel to Thailand, but I live in different countries, permeating the spirit of another culture, getting to know their traditions, cuisine and religion better. My husband shares my dream. We diligently share work ontheir jobs, took tickets late in the fall and flew away for two months.

I fell into a fairy tale

Alina and her husband ate raw seafood and became infected with parasites

To say that this world stunned me is to say nothing. Other people, climate, nature, tradition, food - everything was like on another planet. In the first days of the trip, I got so many incredible emotions that I didn’t get at home for six months. The first place we arrived was the city of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia. Of course, I used to visit Asian countries, but here everything was different.

I was fascinated by Asian cuisine and the attitude towards food. It seems to me that I have not seen as much food at any gastronomic festival as here, and the number of fish and seafood dishes was impossible to count. This is the first time I have seen such unusual sea creatures that could be eaten, and many of them were eaten raw as well.

Infected with delicious seafood

During my two weeks there I tried all the sea creatures, dozens of sushi varieties, amazing fish varieties and a lot of things I didn’t even remember. Many of the delicacies were freshly caught and eaten raw, but I had no idea where that might lead.

We went further along our route, but along the way I was not feeling well. Weakness, dizziness, upset stools, and loss of appetite accompanied me for several days. My husband also started experiencing similar manifestations and we realized it was a foodborne infection. We found our compatriots wintering in these places and turned to them for help. We didn’t have health insurance and we didn’t know which medicine to buy. We were accepted as a family, asked about health, and new friends said with confidence that they were worms.

They said they never eat raw seafood on the street, buy them only for the house, pour boiling water over them before eating, and then eat them. To avoid contamination, the local population additionally consumes wasabi, ginger and spices in large quantities, but for other cultures such food is too spicy and it is simply impossible to eat it out of habit.

Our new friends procured a supply of their medications and offered us a professional anti-parasite product Clean Forte. They gave us 2 packs and told us how to get rid of the worm as soon as possible. The guys added that they always carry this medicine with them on trips and be sure to drink it here for prevention.

Alina got rid of the parasite with Clean Forte and they continued on their way

Pure Forte drops helped me feel good in 4 days

The same day we started taking Clean Forte. Two days later I felt relieved, and so did my husband. I had a stomach, but after one day it disappeared. I can say that on the fifth day I felt light and well, my appetite and sleep returned to normal.

I used the product to the end, it was only enough for me for three weeks. My husband also improved his health and we continued on our way. We had such an unusual experience using Clean Forte. We exchanged contacts with our new friends and thanked them for helping us so much. Now I will always have a bottle of Clean Forte drops in my travel gear, and I will only eat raw fish in a good restaurant and sprinkle it generously with spices. "

Alina, Tampere.